Dry in the day!

My DD is 21 months old today, and we are bordering on being dry in the day. No, I’m not an evil mother, forcably potty training my baby girl far too early; we practice EC, or Elimination Communication (see link for more about this, and go to www.bornready.co.uk in Britain). I’ve been watching the signs she gives when she needs to go and putting her on the potty since way back then. The result is she retains that preference to not be wet or dirty, and starts expressing a preference to wait for the potty. Fast forward, and unless she’s ill we haven’t had a poo in a nappy since she was 8 months old (except for one on a long car journey to Scotland – oops Mummy’s fault!) and is currently wearing pants and shouting for the potty during her waking time in the day. She wears cloth nappies during naps and at night (although nightime EC is very popular) but even these are often barely wet.

Well done DD, in your Peppa Pig panties! We’re so proud of you! Xx