Bottoms, ice-cream and beer, teenage party or family meal?

Ha! Family meal!

We had some friends over today since we have recently swapped the master bedroom and living/dining/pet/play-room over as there was a stupid size difference. (We live in a flat for those of you who haven’t read the front page yet).

We had one of those moments when everything went wrong in about 20 seconds flat. Ha ha.

1)  Bottom. DD, aged 1,  was wearing pants, as per recent posts; when she suddenly announced “wee wee!” at the top of her lungs. Taking a quick look, I grabbed the loo-roll as she was already sat in a decent puddle! Thankfully she had the good sense to wait for help instaed of jumping up. She was sat with her visiting 3 year-old friend at her children’s table which we’d just loaded up with ice-cream, biscuits and cheese for our pudding. The Dad of the visiting family very kindly lifted the table onto his lap, so I could get DD out sharpish and onto the potty, when…

2) Ice-cream. The leg of the table caught on his jeans, tipped the table and launched DD’s bowl of ice-cream down the side of his shirt! The cheeses miraculously stayed put from the second it took my DH to jump up (we women had been on our feet at the first “wee wee” battlecry!) till he just caught them at the edge of the table. Clink!

3) DH’s beer has just tipped over at his feet, while he balances the table, cheese and ice-cream withe the other Dad!

The solution: I wizz DD over heads to potty whilst juggling a wad of loo-roll onto hard plastic chair. Our super husbands get table back into place and re-arrange cheese and butter etc. whilst beer is whizzed to kitchen, back with cloth for spilt beer, ice-cream and wee wee before DD back on her chair eating ice-cream, in cloth nappy.

We all laughed. What else can you do! But at least, as my friend pointed out, we’ve had our three things so the rest of the day should be safe.

She was right!


Dry in the day!

My DD is 21 months old today, and we are bordering on being dry in the day. No, I’m not an evil mother, forcably potty training my baby girl far too early; we practice EC, or Elimination Communication (see link for more about this, and go to in Britain). I’ve been watching the signs she gives when she needs to go and putting her on the potty since way back then. The result is she retains that preference to not be wet or dirty, and starts expressing a preference to wait for the potty. Fast forward, and unless she’s ill we haven’t had a poo in a nappy since she was 8 months old (except for one on a long car journey to Scotland – oops Mummy’s fault!) and is currently wearing pants and shouting for the potty during her waking time in the day. She wears cloth nappies during naps and at night (although nightime EC is very popular) but even these are often barely wet.

Well done DD, in your Peppa Pig panties! We’re so proud of you! Xx