Well it was February, now it’s October….. Ooops!

Well, that was a long time out. Had so many great things to blog about but they never went up, but my stats show nobody is looking so guess it doesn’t matter.

DH has a new job, account managing for a worldwide company looking after a very well known chain of supermarkets in the South West and South Wales. He’s away about 1 night a week but that’s bearable. Salary has whipped us out of the financial dark ages and we are slowly and surely clearing our debt. It’s not all rosy yet, but everything is certainly pinker.

DD is simply lush! She’s now 20mths old, cheeky, sweet and getting very independent. The tantrums have started, and although she’s not winning it doesn’t make for a peaceful life. But I love it. She wraps her arms around my thighs, squeezes them and looks up at me to blow kisses. Like I said, lush.

DDog1 and 2 are still our favourite pains in the a*ses. They moulted so much this summer I don’t know why they aren’t completely bald. We now take it in turns to take them out for a proper walk in the evenings while the other babysits. I’ve started using the double ended Halti training lead with a dog on each end, one has a half choke (nothing like a choke chain, I don’t live in the dark ages) and the other on a chunky collar. The only problem is seeing a cat, if one pulls at something else I can usually get the attention of the other and we both pull. Soooooo much nicer to walk.

My Mum has had major progress on her condition. She has a long-term previously unidentified health problem, I will go into it on a separate post so won’t say more here. Anyway, God willing, we might finally be onto something.

I locked the shed keys in the shed! Poor Hubby had to borrow a tool I can’t name (round sharp disk that puts out sparks) to grind through the padlock. We only had a click shut padlock on there so I could shut it one handed with baby and washing basket on hip. The other padlock has to be held shut while turning the key so I took it off. Have now ordered two wordlock padlocks, bit like the cryptexes in The Da Vinci code but without the one shot only part! The other will go on the garden gate. Our reinforced shed door now has a chunk taken out of it and a burn mark where the tool slipped. Oops.

DH’s 32nd Birthday was last weekend. We booked and stayed in a spa hotel an hour away for the sat night into the sun, with DD. it was really lovely. DD floated with armbands and no other support for the first time. She was a little charmer the whole weekend and had a wonderful time.

I did my back in and am currently gathering evidence to show my Doctor this could be the start of the problems that gets to all the Mother’s in my family and to help me identify and manage it now rather than 2 kids down the line. We are NHS, so wish me lots and lots of luck.

Well, that’s an update, I’m so glad I didn’t sign up to posting daily weekly or even monthly.

Take care everyone, will try have a more tangible web presence….

Not that there’s anyone listening. Tee hee Sx


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Stacy Waugh
    Oct 07, 2011 @ 19:21:19

    interesting information, thanks. hope you write some more posts soon. I have my own poker blog nothing special.


  2. fredcobber
    Oct 08, 2011 @ 03:44:51

    Long-term previously unidentified health problem? I hope your mom gets well as soon as possible. I pray for that. To the author of this article post, i wish you good luck.


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