Fake sleep grin, conjunctivitis, and mobile blogging at last…

Well, in reverse order, lets explain that one. I’m typing this on my mobile, hence mobile blogging. I can send new posts by email during the day instead of taking up time on the laptop at night when I could be, erm, would be… Decluttering. This is the first ever, lets hope daily blogging isn’t as far off as it once was.

Conjunctivitis. Poor DD now has this to go with her cold, we’ve got the drops, but I can’t take her into work with it so we’ve had to lay off a couple of children each day to stay within number limits. Luckily one little girl won’t be in cause she has… Conjunctivitis! Luckily she has a sister who comes too so it won’t give their parents extra trouble at work to keep them both home. At least I haven’t messed up anyone elses life this time.

You’d think being off work means I’d be able to get stuff done but I’m sat at the laptop, blogging on my phone. Something not quite right there me thinks. DD has been taking ages getting off to sleep, which leads me to the third thing in the title – fake sleep grin. DD has started playing around in the cot at work rather than sleeping, we can see this on the cctv. But the second she hears the hook on the door rattle as I open it to go in she throws herself bodily down in the cot, shuts her eyes tight and goes “ah-shuuu, ah-shuuu” which is her snoring impression. I suppose if we didn’t have cctv, and the cot didn’t THUMP as she threw herself down, and her snore was a little more realistic (or I was deaf); it might be a convincing act for someone barely 1 to try. If not for the MASSIVE grin plastered across her face from ear to ear! Real give away that, not to mention the following giggle that sounds very much like one a wide-awake cheeky little pickle might give. Busted!


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