I’ve caught a bug….

Actually, I caught several bugs lately. DH caught some nasty flu/cold/stomach bug thing and it floored him for three days. He was off work for two of them. DD caught it the same day, had temperatures of 40+ for 2 nights running, and kept throwing up when she coughed. Bless.

And me? I bet you can guess. I noticed a scratchy throat the day after they started, then developed a full-on cough, cold, asthma revival with flu symptoms too. Yes, I kept working; yes, I kept getting up twice hourly to poor DD; yes, I kept the sympathy up for DH. The result, I still have a cold 9 days on and they’re well past it. But no whinging, that’s a flylady rule!

Flylady? Oh boy, you’ll like this one. I found a website by accident when I googled for help getting motivated to do housework. Hee hee. Don’t you smirk like that! You might not have actually googled it, but unless you were born organised, you’ve seriously wondered how on earth people ever get through all the housework and cleaning and have nice homes. Well now I know! http://www.flylady.net/index.asp When you come across a site that mentions a 15 minute room rescue; clearing a path through the piles of clutter that have taken over the room – you know you’re on to something REAL! As in, honest. Yes, I was thinking about that ridiculous pile in our bedroom.

Well, guess what – it’s almost gone! What took three years to accumulate, 6 months to stagnate, and the sum total of that for me to get around to clearing it – but only 3 sets of 15 minutes work for three evenings in a row to be about 3 quarters GONE! I won’t bore you with the details, but get over to that site and have a lookie around, especially at the getting started section. Some people online have complained about the number of daily emails they got when subscribed to flylady; but you can change the settings to get them as a digest and no one ever said you have to read them. I also reckon the people saying those things don’t really have a desire to change the way they do things to clear their homes. In truth, it was the 4th day of this clearout that DH and DD came down with their bugs. I can’t help but think that all the dust raised from throughout and under that pile might have had something to do with it. Imagine how much less there will be now I can properly vacuum 80% of that room. It can only be good. I’m so glad I’ve caught a manageable dose of the de-clutter bug!

Actually, there was a more tangible benefit from it just the day before yesterday. Long and short together, DD fell off my bed and landed on her head; but she escaped injury as a direct result of the decluttering I’ve been doing. Most of the main space of the room is clear now, but the 2ft or so of space between the wall and my side of the bed still has some clothes, bedding and shoes etc. Clutter, in other words. DD was sat on my bed, just over a foot from the edge. I’d already warned her to be careful, and as she’s only just turned one was still keeping a careful eye on her while I got dressed. She was busily being funny, the way they do at that age, and lifting her arms like she was trying to take off the flufffy white bodywarmer she was wearing before bringing them down again. The third time, she laughed at herself and flung her arms up so enthusiastically she tipped straight over and went flying down, head first, off the side of the bed. I lunged over the whole bed in one move, and lifted her vertically up before lying her on the bed very gingerly. She very quickly started kicking and thrashing her arms and legs whilst screaming at the top of her lungs – I figured she was fine and lifted her for the cuddle and comfort I was desperate to give. And why wasn’t she hurt? Well, she landed on the dog! The dog who was only lying there because the rest of the room was clear of clothes and had been cleaned meaning that the strip of clothes down my side of the bed was the only place with that comforting smell of his owners bodies! Dog 1 is the skittish one, but whereas normally he would have bolted out from underneath anything falling on him whilst yelping at the top of HIS lungs – he somehow stayed put as DD fell and lay there growling softly as I lifted her up and checked her over. He is the reason she’s ok; as her head landed on him, her hips were still supported by the bed and she skittered down his side to the floor (clothes and bedding!), her hips finally tipping over and slowly flipping to rest against the wall. She ducked her head and therefore prevented injury to her neck.

If I had been clearing up the way I usually do, whipping everything into a pile together (!) then sort it by type, then find places for it all, touching everything 3 or 4 times; I’d have cleared that side of the bed, then lost motivation and left it. So no progress, and no dog at side of bed for DD to land on. Due to doing 15 minutes at a time with my phone timer, it’s made a real difference and my poor daughter had my mess on her side, so to speak!

BTW, dog 1 wasn’t hurt at all, I did check him over straight away too. He came up onto the bed as soon as he saw me cuddling DD, so we cuddled him too. Good dog!


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